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My perspective on being a pro…

So what does it mean to be a “professional photographer”? This is a 3 part answer…

To me it’s being able to get consistent results in any circumstance – regardless of the lighting situation (or lack thereof). Whether it’s a dark cavernous room, an overcast or sunny day – it’s all about having the expertise and the right gear to get the perfect exposure.

Taking a photograph is only the beginning – being able to masterfully retouch images is the other half of the process. Every image needs to be processed in order to create the best possible image. Even in the analog days of film, master photographers would spend hours making adjustments in the darkroom.

Most importantly when working with people – being a professional also means being able to make people feel comfortable in front of a camera. Everyone has beauty in them and it’s our duty to bring the best out of people in order to make them feel and look amazing.


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