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Bash Bish Falls long exposure autumn photo

If you’re looking for a pretty spot for a waterfall pictures in the autumn – check out Bash Bish Falls. The park is located in upstate New York. But technically you can enter in Massachusetts which I should have done!

I opted to enter on the NY state side and it’s pretty much all downhill – which meant it was going to suck hiking uphill to the way back to the car.

It wasn’t a far walk from the parking lot (I’d say about 15 minutes). I eventually made my way down and the view was spectacular!

bash bish falls view

For the photos I took with my camera, I had to wait for people not to be in the shot. But I left this young person in the frame so you can get a sense of scale…

I would have loved to stay longer to take more photos but it started drizzling. So I had to work fast to get as many quality shots as possible.

Now the following photos I’m going to share may look the same – but you’ll see differences in the framing and editing…

Bash Bish Falls long exposure autumn photo

Bash Bish Falls long exposure autumn photo in the fall

large Bash Bish Falls long exposure autumn photo in the autumn

Bash Bish Falls long exposure autumn photo in the fall season

Bash Bish Falls long exposure autumn professional photo  in the autumn

bash bish falls upstate ny

Once I was happy “I got the shot” it was time to start an all uphill hike to the car. Note to self – enter via the Massachusetts side next time!

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