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So the other day I was on assignment shooting a charity golf tournament at Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton Massachusetts. It was an overcast day and I was hoping to get some bright / sweeping panoramic shots – but the photos looked drab.

Luckily for myself and the golfers – the weather held up!

It’s amazing at how stunningly beautiful Ferncroft Country Club is! I’ve worked this event before and I knew the grounds were amazing – but I was surprised to see how much wildlife lives here.

I wasn’t able to get “perfect shots” of the birds as I was working. Getting great shots of birds is a process and requires camping out a bit and waiting for the decisive moment. But I was able to grab some snapshots to share with you guys…

This majestic beast looks like a dinosaur when you see it in person. I asked a staff member there and according to him it turns out its a blue heron.

I even saw what I think is an otter! I was told it could have possibly been a beaver. But the best I can describe it was that it looked like a swimming ferret. I wasn’t able to get a shot as it was skittish. Perhaps next time!

After I made sure to get group shots of all of the participants I had some free time.

Luckily I had my macro lens on me since I was supposed to pick up my nephews after the event. I wanted to shoot some macro photos of their family pet Lola (a bearded dragon). I didn’t end up having to pick them up so stay tuned for some pics of Lola in the near future!

So since I had my macro lens, some free time and the grounds has some immaculate flowers, I took a golf cart and went on a mission to shoot some flowers!

Now if you read my previous post you would have known how pumped up I was. Shooting macro photography is hard for several reasons and it’s a huge win when you can get a sharp shot of insects!

I was able to get some shots of a bee earlier (with my telephoto 70-200mm lens) but it’s nothing like shooting with a true macro lens.

Now for the next series of images there’s two things I like to point out.

1: I must have looked like a crazy person shooting flowers – lol. As I’m sure some people were wondering what in the world am I doing in that bush and why would anyone want to do that?

And 2: one thing I really dig about these shots is the water droplets and the pastel colors. Look at the pretty!!!

Another thing I had going for me was the overcast weather. If it had been sunny, the flowers would have had harsher shadows.

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I’m going to have to work fast to take more macro photos. I have a few spots in mind and believe it or not – one of them is a cemetery! Not that I’ll be shooting photos of flowers left on tomb stones, but I have a place in mind that also has some beautiful grounds. I’ll also see if I can get permission to revisit Ferncroft Country Club again before they wrap up for the season and the flowers wither away.

On a final note this post goes out to @rebeccabe on Steemit. I mentioned that I had more uplifting images I thought she’d like and I hope you like them too!

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more!


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