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If you’ve been following my work for the past month – you know I’ve been obsessed with getting autumn done footage. I’ve been to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey and in this case upstate New York.

While driving to Bash Bish Falls I was seeing incredible foliage. 

It was tricky finding a spot where I can safely and legally launch my drone and I eventually found an open and public area.

Photos should speak for themselves – without needing an explanation, so with that being said check out some of the photos I captured…

While I was there I also filmed some video. I’m working on a “best of” featurette which will include clips from all of my outings.

But while you’re hear check out my favorite clip from this part of my adventure…


Sometimes photographers “miss the shot” but you can imagine how pumped up I was when I didn’t miss this one!

That’s it for now and be sure to check out my other posts on my pursuit of foliage….

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montclair foliage art decor professional photographer landscape

I Drove 8 Hours to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and All I Got Was This Crappy Shot.

Bash Bish Falls in the Autumn

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