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Surprisingly the street art scene in Puerto Rico is pretty good! I can tell that New York had a lot of influence on both the legal and illegal style of graffiti there.

I would’ve loved to capture more footage but my time was limited. But I did my best.

It’s especially more challenging trying to simultaneously capture photos with my sir camera (5d Mark 4), and photos and video with my drone (Mavic Air).

Flying a drone isn’t easy, but if you practice (as with anything in life) you’ll be able to work quickly and get the shots you need!

And for those curious – most of the pictures here were taken in Santurce and Old San Juan.

While I was flying my drone, Rey excitedly came to me and said there was a wall that I ”have to see” and that it was “made for me”…


Now I don’t want to get into specifics as to why this wall is meaningful to me (as you’ll definitely think I’m crazy) but I’ll just say that the majority of things we’re taught in life – simply aren’t true.

Angurria’s art is simply amazing!

As for this next image – what’s not to love?

Angurria's art puerto rico wall

I love when graffiti artists are able to pull off a photo realistic style. I also really like the bold colors!

The artist’s name is Angurria and every wall he paints is tribute to his Dominican beauty and his mother.

Be sure to check out his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angurria

And ironically – my 2 favorite walls were right next to each other!

Angurria's art puerto rico wall drone

And speaking of photo realism – check out this wall!

Now I’m sure this next photo will offend people – but street art is illegal in nature – therefore offensive.

I almost didn’t take the picture as I didn’t want to annoy the people I was traveling with – but I did my best not to drive them crazy by stopping to get footage.

When it comes to traveling I pick my battles – and this was one wall I had to brake for!

Héctor Collazo Hernández

There’s a trend of painting the Puerto Rican flag on the side of buildings. And that trend was started by Héctor Collazo Hernández.

He started a 78 pueblos y 1 bandera (78 towns 1 flag) project. I wasn’t able to photograph all of them – only 2 of his biggest…

Héctor Collazo Hernández didn’t paint these buildings, but here are some more giant Puerto Rican flags painted on the side of buildings…

It’s a bit late so forgive me for not giving you an explanation on the rest of the photos. But art by its nature shouldn’t need an explanation…

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