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The first time I went to Endicott Park in Danvers MA I felt out of my element. Coming from New York City we have *nothing like this…


You see, I’m used to the concrete jungle. Parks where there’s no grass and shattered glass on the floor, and crazy people all around. At Endicott Park there’s actual real wildlife. There’s goats, rabbits, ducks, pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, horses – and more!

1_500_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9210 1_500_sec_at_f_4_0_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9236 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9201 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9203 1_200_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9208

There’s even nicely kept grass…


I recently moved to Peabody – which is 20 minutes (without traffic) from Boston. I’m always on the lookout for dog friendly places to take my dogs which is how I found out about Endicott Park.

My wife took a day off – which meant I can take pictures of the three of them!


Which also meant I had a helper to shoot Gizmo & Chooky as taking pictures of them is at minimum a 2 man job.

20171101_5_D3_9337 20171101_5_D3_9340 20171101_5_D3_9341

Now when it comes to taking pictures (especially with pets and people) be sure to take a lot of pictures; as there are subtle differences between each shot taken consecutively.

Plus while you’re at it be sure to shoot images in portrait and horizontal orientation. *Check out this series of images to see what I’m talking about.*

20171101_5_D3_9314 20171101_5_D3_9316 20171101_5_D3_9321_2 20171101_5_D3_9322 20171101_5_D3_9326 20171101_5_D3_9330 20171101_5_D3_9335 

It took me over 20 pictures to get this 1 money shot.


Here’s the sequence of images that it took to get me here:

20171101_5_D3_9363 20171101_5_D3_9343 20171101_5_D3_9344 20171101_5_D3_9347 20171101_5_D3_9349 20171101_5_D3_9352 20171101_5_D3_9354 20171101_5_D3_9355 20171101_5_D3_9356 20171101_5_D3_9357 20171101_5_D3_9359 20171101_5_D3_9360

On to the next spot…


Gizmo & Chooky are also city slickers…


If Gizmo sees a four legs and an ass – he has to take a sniff…


Uhhh, nope!

1_400_sec_at_f_5_0_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9379 1_400_sec_at_f_5_0_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9380 1_400_sec_at_f_5_0_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9381

The key to taking better pictures of pets and children is to get as low as you can to their level. This image is more of a snapshot that anyone can take.


But check out how much more dynamic getting low is:

20171101_5_D3_9519 20171101_5_D3_9525 1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9436

Cameras have a harder time picking up focus with subjects that are coming straight to the camera.

20171101_5_D3_9493 20171101_5_D3_9526

For better and more results try to shoot your subjects from the side:

20171101_5_D3_9497 20171101_5_D3_9471

During our 1 hour trip there I probably took over 400 images. Here are some of my favorites:

1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9408 1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9463 1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9464 1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9481 1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9483 1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9508 1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9510 1_800_sec_at_f_5_0_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9529 1_1600_sec_at_f_3_2_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9397

Before we left I wanted to get another decent shot of my wife and doggies. But it didn’t work out…

1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9536 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9537 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9538 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9539 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9545 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9550 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9551 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9552 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9553 1_1000_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9554

This is the final image before we gave up (I wish she would have had a better smile as she’s the one that ruined this shot, LOL…


I know it’s hard to see on a tiny mobile device – but I also got a chance to see some blue birds. They moved before I can get a good shot and if you think children and dogs are hard to shoot – try shooting birds!

1_800_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9593 1_640_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9597 1_640_sec_at_f_2_8_20171101_20171101_5_D3_9599

Before we went home I saw one more photo opportunity. Luckily there were no other people or dogs around because Gizmo would have definitely ran away!


On a final note, for those wondering I used a Canon 5d Mark iii with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens. It looks something like this:


That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two! 


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