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The adage “never judge a book by its cover” is nonsense. People “judge books by the cover” all the time. Wether it be picking fruit, what to watch on Netflix or even browsing in a book store – people make decisions based on looks. That’s why hiring a professional real estate photographer will undoubtedly help you land more leads!

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Here are my top 5 reasons why you should consider commissioning me for your next listing…


In any business – time is money. Once I finish professionally capturing your property I will edit the RAW files immediately thereafter.

On average it takes me about an hour to edit the RAW files (more on this later) and if you’re willing to wait I can even deliver the images while you wait!

You may be wondering how am I able to deliver images so fast? Well, have you heard the story about a fan that asked Picasso for a drawing? 

Picasso smiled and quickly drew a small, but beautiful piece of art on the paper. Then, he handed the paper back to her saying, “That will be one million dollars.”

“But Mr. Picasso,” the woman said. “It only took you thirty seconds to draw this little masterpiece.”

“My good woman,” Picasso said, “It took me thirty years to draw that masterpiece in thirty seconds.”

Not to say that I’m a household name like Picasso – but I will say I have over 20 years of experience shooting, editing and delivering professional photos. I’ve spent most of my adult life continuously learning and getting better each year. 


The camera I use produces images at 93” x 63”. Not that you’ll ever print them out that large (unless you’d like to give your clients a very nice housewarming gift).

What this means for you is high resolution images that’ll look great online or in print.

Pro photographers know that cameras are only good as the lenses they use. It should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) I have a full array of lenses to capture any property.

If you ask me “what’s the best lens to use for real estate photography? I’d reply that my favorite lens to use is the ultra wide 16-35mm lens. Let me show you why…

I needed to get an architectural photo of the Boston Harbor Hotel arch. If I used a “normal” lens I’d have to go across the street. 

16-35mm lens sample

But this image lacks drama and I can’t get the entire arch into the shot. But if I use an ultra-wide lens and go during sunrise…

Boston Architectural professional photographer

Aside from shooting exterior photos at the right time (sunrise or sunset), using an ultra-wide lens is my secret weapon. It also helps make rooms larger than what they are and it’ll help get people in the door (no pun intended) to look at your listing. 


I’ve blogged about this a thousand times but it’s not enough to have the latest and greatest gear and claim to be a professional – rather it’s how you use the gear.

Heck put me in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen and I’d be lost!

Many people don’t realize a major part of professional photography is using the RAW format for ultimate quality.

But shooting and editing RAW photos isn’t enough. My other secret weapon is what’s called HDR (high dynamic range) imaging. Here’s another real world example…

If I wanted to expose for the interior the outside would be blown out (over-exposed).

Conversely – if I wanted to get the correct exposure for the outside, the inside would be underexposed…

So what if someone wanted both the inside and outside properly exposed? The answer shoot and edit in HDR.

hdr correct exposure

By bracketing 2-5 images, I can blend them into one image thereby capturing all of the detail in the scene. It’s how I was able to create the amazing Boston Harbor Hotel image.

nj nyc professional hdr real estate photography service

Editing comes into play when it comes to making things picture perfect. I don’t think I need a lengthy explanation as the proof is in the pudding.

Play with the slider to see the before and after image…

The next image looks better in a larger screen as you can see how I Photoshopped the pavement.

Many homes have mixed lighting which can lead to a yellow cast in the photos. Rest assured I can edit photos to correctly showcase the property.

Keep in mind that light retouching is included in my services – but in cases where it requires heavy duty Photoshopping (as in the first 2 before and after examples) I charge hourly.


When you receive an email from me it’ll say “expert and professional photographer”. Although the titles may seem similar I differentiate between the two.

Expert” in my perception has to do with being competent. In my case it has to do with knowing and having the tools to get the job done in any circumstance. Having professional gear doesn’t make you professional – rather how you use it. 

“Professional” has to do with service. It’d be naive for me to think I’m the best photographer in the world – but you’d be hard pressed find a friendlier photographer.

Don’t just take it from be – but take it from this testimonial I received the other day.

Photography is a people person business. Being patient, lighthearted, understanding and being able to produce stunning results under extreme pressure (as in weddings) has been what’s kept me in business for over 20 years.


I drive friends, family and anyone that will listen nuts when it comes to aerial drone photography! There’s nothing like having a camera in the sky.

It takes things another level and when properties are captured professionally – it will surely make people stop and stare. 

Real Estate Photography Drone Photographer NJ NYCProfessional Real Estate Drone Photographer NJ NYCBahamas-professional-resort-drone-photographer

If you’d like to see more of my drone photography and videography click here: https://colonphoto.com/category/drone-photography.


Now remember earlier when I mentioned people “judge books by the cover”? Well this definitely applies with your headshot! Wether it be on your business card, in print or online – having a quality headshot makes a big difference in how people will perceive you and your business.

NYC NJ Professional Real Estate Headshot Photographer

Not only will my headshot photography make you look confident and approachable – I also offer airbrushing to make you look even better!


Now that you understand how I approach interior and exterior photography, check out some of the work I’ve done. And as it’s said: “the proof is in the pudding”!

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If you’re looking for an experienced photographer that has fast turnaround time, professional gear, coupled with expert photo editing skills  – don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m based in New York City and New Jersey and yes I am willing to travel.

Thanks for visiting my page and I look forward toward helping you close your next property!


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