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Sometimes in life when given the opportunity to visit a place in the last minute – you have to say yes. Even more so when it comes to spending time with family.

In this case I joined my mom and a dear family friend and visited Rochester New York.

I didn’t take many photos as if I’m going to make people wait around while I “do my thing” I’m going to have to make it count.

Letchworth State Park long exposure black and white image

Since I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, I’ll share a few photos with you and give you some insight as to how I shot and edited them.

High Falls Terrace Park Waterfall

The first time I decided to take out my camera was when I saw the High Falls Waterfall by the Pont de Rennes Bridge. And when it comes to shooting waterfalls – long exposures are the only way to go!

Here’s what a “regular” photo taken at 1/13 of a second looks like…

Nothing special right? But with the use of a neutral density filter I was able to smooth out the water by taking a 13 second exposure – thereby making the photo a million times better!

Now take a moment and see if you can tell what bugs me with the image above? If you guessed yellow water – you are correct!

So after I made my initial edits to the RAW file, my next step was to desaturate the yellow from the water.

3 High Falls Terrace Park Waterfall Professional Photo color long exposure

Although the image “looks nice” I decided to desaturate the entire image and make it black & white to add more drama.

High Falls Terrace Park Waterfall Professional Photo black and white long exposure

Once I was happy that I was able to capture at least 1 amazing shot, it was time to put the drone in the air. I haven’t edited the video footage yet – but for now I’ll share this photo…

High Falls Terrace Park Waterfall Professional Drone Photo

Black and white images are a matter of preference – but I think it makes many photos look better…

High Falls Terrace Park Waterfall Professional Drone Photo black and white

What’s the worst time to shoot photos of landscapes?

If you answered in the middle of the day – you are correct! It was sunny while we were in Letchworth State Park – which meant it was a terrible time to take photos.

What bugs me is the sun beaming in the background whereas the waterfall was in the shade. As a rule of thumb when taking photos of landscapes it’s best if the scene is all sunny (or better yet) overcast.

So I decided to shoot a bit tighter to get less of the sky and focus more on the waterfall.

lethchworth state park

The sun in this photo was still bugging me – so you know what I did next!

 Letchworth State Park long exposure photography

Getting to Letchworth State Park is a 5 hour mission from where I live. But I’ll do my best to go back in a few weeks when the park is at peak foliage as it looks insane!

I couldn’t help it but I trolled a few people while out there. In this case my brother Moses…

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I know it’s not a long one, but I figured I give you guys the story behind some of the images.

That’s it for now stay tuned for the next episode!


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