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Taking professional pictures of families can be tricky. Aside from unwilling participants lighting is always a factor. Believe it or not – even on a sunny day to get the best results external lighting should be used.

But in this beautiful sunny fall day in the Back bay neighborhood of Boston I didn’t have the luxury of time. Plus the guys wanted to rush home to watch the Patriots play.

To make matters trickier I got the vibe – rather I was told Mr’s Governali’s sons didn’t want to have their photos taken. So I had to work fast and do my best to get everyone engaged. Instead of setting up posed shots where things would look forced.

So for starters and to get them warmed up I had everyone walk close together making sure everyone looked happy. How did I get them to look happy? Well I prep them and tell them to “look happy”. LOL Sometimes it’s as easy at that.




Another key when taking family photos is to make sure everyone is standing tight and embracing each other. It shows unity and that everyone cares for each other. And this isn’t an easy task for some cultures (especially Asians). It’s usually mom that hires me and it’s my job to get a few awesome portraits. It takes a bit of coaxing and I always get the job done.




After I took the group shots, I broke everyone into couples and took some photos.




Once that was done it was time for Emma to get the spotlight for herself!




Autumn is coming right around the corner and I’m now booking family fall sessions. My information is listed below and be sure to contact me as I have limited availability this upcoming season.


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I’m available in New York City, Boston & worldwide!

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