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Sometimes you may wonder how professional photographers are able to capture amazing expressions. By watching this video you’ll get to see some of what’s in my bag of tricks! For example (depending on the couple) I like to say “whisper something dirty” to see what happens – lol.

Photography is a “people person” business and when it comes to shooting weddings I always like to have an engagement session to break the ice and build trust. You see, a big part of capturing amazing images is trust. Sometimes I’ll have an idea and I’ll ask couples to do something that may be out of their comfort zone – but if they trust me – they’ll jump off a cliff if I ask them to! Or in this case get wet in the beach.

Another reason I encourage engagement sessions is so the couple will know how I like to work. They’ll be familiar with my posing style and they’ll know what I’m looking for. So on the day of the wedding I won’t even have to speak – I can use non verbal cues.

Shavon and Sam wanted to shoot engagement photos before their destination wedding in Saint Croix – but the stars didn’t align right. So since I owed them a shoot we figured we’d do it the day of the rehearsal.

With all that being said – check out!


On a final note,

If you’re getting married and want amazing wedding photos – don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m available in New York City, New Jersey, Boston and Worldwide.

You can see more of my wedding work by clicking on the image below…


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