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If someone were to ask me today – what’s my latest obsession, I’d reply flying my drone! As a photographer / videographer it’s so exhilarating having a stills and video camera in the sky – plus its so much fun to fly!

The summer will be gone before we know it and now is the time to get out and capture drone footage. Sure you can fly when it’s windy and cold – but that will add extra layers of things to worry about. Flying is a huge responsibility as it is and the less worry factors there are – the better.

I’ve got a shot list I want to capture before the end of the summer. To name a few: an abandoned psych ward that’s bombed (covered) in graffiti, an abandoned steel mill, an abandoned castle in upstate New York and Flushing Meadows Park (think the ending of the first Men in Black Film).

Well I was able to knock out one off the list which is the Staten Island ship graveyard. Ideally it would have been best to go on an overcast day (to have soft even and diffused light) and during low tide (to get better views of the ships). But even though the sun was at high noon and it was high tide I decided to go anyway with my nephew before heading to Boston.

I’m sure I’ll revisit this spot again during ideal shooting conditions, but in this case as a photographer we have to work with the conditions we have. All that being said check out the photos from the Staten Island ship graveyard in New York City…

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