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If I’m ever looking to get an epic sunrise shot close to home – I now know where to go and that’s in West Orange New Jersey @ the Eagle Rock September 11 Memorial.

I’ve been wanting to shoot this spot during sunrise for a while – but the hardest thing is getting up at 4am. Since I had my nephew with me and the Skyfire app said there was over a 95% chance of a fiery sky – I figured why not give it a shot and film a behind the scenes video.

In case you’d like to see the photos at your own pace here you go!

4-1-september-11-911-memorial-eagle-rock-essex-county-nj-professional-photos 5-2-september-11-911-memorial-eagle-rock-essex-county-nj-professional-photos 8-5-september-11-911-memorial-eagle-rock-essex-county-nj-professional-photos 11-7-september-11-911-memorial-eagle-rock-essex-county-nj-professional-photos 13-9-september-11-911-memorial-eagle-rock-essex-county-nj-professional-photos 16-12-september-11-911-memorial-eagle-rock-essex-county-nj-professional-photos 17-13-september-11-911-memorial-eagle-rock-essex-county-nj-professional-photos


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