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Well I’m happy to announce that I survived! You see, I don’t like putting myself in situations that are life and death – well at least those that can be avoided.

In this case I went to the 2018 Great New England Air Show located in the Westover (military) Air Base in Chicopee Massachusetts.

I always wanted to go to an air show and it was amazing – minus the heat! I didn’t get too much video footage as I would have liked as we came unprepared. We didn’t bring umbrellas (for the sun) or a beach chair so we didn’t stay long. Factor in the 2 hour drive, all of the walking and the heat and we didn’t have much energy in our tanks. But we know what to expect for next time.

Going to airs hows was tons of fun and weather permitting, I’ll be heading to 2018 Plymouth Air Show Saturday August 11th. If there are any Steemians willing to meet up – let me know!

Now the reason I said “I survived” as people die every year either as pilots or spectators. But “when it’s your time to go – it’s your time to go”.

All that being said I hope you dig this video and stay tuned for the next episode…



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