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Learn photography with a one-on-one personal teacher in New York City or New Jersey.

Have you ever seen a photo and thought to yourself – wow I wish I can do that! Well if you live in New York City or New Jersey – today is you’re lucky day as I’m offering you the opportunity to learn one on one with a personal and private teacher.

I’ll demystify shooting in manual mode and teach you in simple terms how to get shots like these….

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Forget large workshops, classrooms or online classes. There’s nothing like learning one on one and having every question answered.

In fact the more questions you ask – the more you’ll get out of our sessions!



If you’re just beginning or you want to get out of shooting in auto mode – this is for you! After we work together you’ll never shoot in an automatic mode again.

And for the record shooting in aperture priority is also an automatic mode. If you use exposure compensation – you might as well learn how to shoot in manual as it’s essentially the same mindset.



  • The fundamentals of photography,
  • Aperture (depth of field),
  • Shutter speed,
  • ISO,
  • White balance
  • Metering modes,
  • Interpreting histograms,
  • Focusing methods,
  • Composition
  • Learn why you should be shooting in RAW,
  • What settings to use in different scenarios,
  • Lenses – learn the differences and when to use certain lenses,
  • Which camera system to buy,
  • Night photography,
  • Long exposure photography,
  • When the best time to take photos is,
  • Learn how to research online to find the perfect photo spots,
  • Learn the apps professionals use to plan their shoots,
  • And more!

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There’s a lot that goes into making just one image. Which is why you’ll feel a lot of pride and accomplishment when you nail the shot!

Once you know what you’re doing you’ll be “making” photos and not “taking” them. Take a moment and check out this behind the scenes video.



Learning photography is a skill you’ll undoubtedly use for the rest of your life! It doesn’t matter what camera brand you use – as the fundamentals are the same.

There are several benefits and here are my top 5:

A sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of creating art. Especially when you’re doing it with intent (and not by accident).

A new hobby. Sometimes we need a reason to get out the house. Photography will definitely inspire you to go outside.

While I’m talking about the outdoors – you’ll also become a better travel photographer. In fact, you may even plan trips just to take photos.

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Become the family photographer. We all know cellphone pictures will not stand the test of time. But high quality images will surely be cherished.

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Yes pets are family too!

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Another source of income. Once you become proficient you may even get paid to take portraits, or photos of events. Heck, you may even sell some of your landscape or cityscape photos!



You’ll just need two things…

1: A willingness to learn. As with anything in life, if you want to accomplish anything – you’re going to have to “want it”.

2: A digital camera that is able to shoot in manual mode. Any slr or mirrorless camera will be fine – no point and shoot cameras. It should go without saying – but you’ll also need a lens.



For the month of October and November 2019 only, I’m offering 2 private one-on-one lessons for the special price of $199

On day 1 we’ll meet somewhere outdoors that’s convenient for you – either in New York city or in New Jersey for 2 hours.

We’ll go over the fundamentals and since we’re outside you’ll start shooting photos right away.

I’ll also give you a few assignments to put into practice what we’ve learned.

On day 2 we’ll meet for another 2 hours and recap everything you learned from our first class. If you have any follow up questions I’ll be sure to answer them.

2 classes may not seem like much – but when it comes to learning one-on-one you’ll learn quickly!



Dialing in the right settings to get the correct exposure is just the beginning as every image needs to be tweaked (even if just by a little bit).

There are several reasons why professionals shoot in the RAW image format. The main reason is you’ll get the most of your camera sensor.

If you’d like to learn how to edit RAW files in Adobe Lightroom this is a separate service I offer. Contact me for the details!



Take a moment and take a look at my work. There’s no secret as to what and how I’m capturing amazing images. Work with me and I’ll show you exactly how you can do this too!

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Dates are limited and next year my prices will go up. Don’t lose this opportunity to learn the art of photography and contact me today!

Call or text me at: 917-703-0346. If I don’t pick up, please leave a detailed message. You can also email me at: mikey@colonphoto.com

I look forward toward meeting you and be sure to reach out if you have any questions.


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