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Sometimes when I’m out *making photographs serendipitous things happen! I set-out on a spring evening to shoot the sunset on the Boston Harbor. When I got to Fan Pier park I was pleasantly surprised to see the historic tall ship Sagres from Portugal docked on the harbor. Very cool!

As I was shooting the sunset I wasn’t crazy about how the pictures were turning out, so I used a technique named HDR (high dynamic range) to save the day.

Once I decided to go home I was surprised to find out there was a firework show! ? If you know me, you know I love shooting fireworks!

All of these things added up to a magical evening of shooting photos on the Boston Harbor. Good things happen when you force yourself to get out and shoot! Even if you don’t come home with a money shot – it’s still a good thing to practice your craft.

*Earlier I used the word “making” instead of “taking” as photography isn’t about “taking” photos – but “making” photos.

If you want to play at home you can go to: https://goo.gl/tZJ5KR. Keep in mind I retain the copyright and you’re free to do anything but sell the image. If you share your edits online on any social media platform please @mikeycolon.

⭐️ If you’d like to see my final edit, in Lightroom:
➡️ go to the develop module
➡️ then click on the Snapshots (on the left)
➡️ Then click on “FINAL EDIT”


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