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What’s going on everyone?! I’d like to welcome you to Season 1 of Mikey Colon Photography!

It’s been a long road to finally release my first episode as there have been a lot of hurdles and challenges. The biggest one is me not being comfortable in front of the camera as, opposed to being behind the camera. There’s still a lot of room for me to grow – but in life the more you do something the better you’ll get!


All that being said I have a lot of videos that I’ve already shot and several ideas in the works. Hint – you can get a preview at the end of this video. But here are a few things you can expect to expect from Season 1:

  • Behind the scenes videos of how I approach shooting (and editing) landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, weddings and even pets!
  • “How to” videos. Learn how to get the most out of the gear you already have.
  • Non nerdy reviews of photo and video gear.
  • Show you guys that photography is about *“making”* pictures and not *“taking”* pictures.
  • And more!

Speaking of approach. The way I approach photography is what I call the “5 P Process”.

Before you set out to take pictures you need to think of the logistics of getting to the location, weather, how much equipment you’re willing to carry, etc.

Once you’re ready to start shooting, you’re going to need to know how to get the best pictures – in any lighting (or lack thereof) situation. Photography is all about light and often times you’ll need to bring your own.

This is a huge factor in making photos and every image needs to be edited, or tweaked at the very least. And when it comes to portraits, we need to retouch images to make people look their best (stay tuned for my secret weapon). I’ll also share with you guys the raw files whenever possible so you can learn by doing.

Depending on job, you may need to print albums, large photographs, canvases, metal prints, etc. I’ll show you guys the labs I use and some of the cool products available out there. I’ll even do some giveaways on some of the images from the video.

I don’t have to tell you guys but sharing your work online is essential. I’ll show you my workflow on how I post on Steemit daily, how to upload images from your computer to Instagram and perhaps even show you how to create an online website with WordPress.


You may be wondering how often you can expect a new video from me? I’d love to put a daily video as @kevinli recommended but it’s a massive undertaking filming and editing by yourself. Getting footage on location (of me in action), then filming the editing process on my computer, etc.

The other hurdle is I’m a perfectionist and it can be a good thing at times or crippling. But at this point I just have to start putting these videos out there even if they aren’t 100% perfect.

I’d love to commit to a schedule but I don’t want to let people down. I will say that I’m aiming for 52 videos by the end of this year. Once I get a good workflow going and I stat getting more comfortable I’m sure I’ll be able to bang more videos out for you guys.

I know this video isn’t perfect and I see many things I can improve upon. But stick with me guys as you’ll learn something new every episode that will help you become a better photographer!


As promised – here is the link to the raw file so you guys can play along at home: https://goo.gl/zRA5EP. Keep in mind I retain the copyright and you’re free to do anything but sell the image. If you share your edits online on any social media platform please @mikeycolon.


Season 1 Theme song “Forever Young” Mattijs Muller

“Brand New Beginning” Gavin Luke via Epidemic Sound

“Milo’s Breeze” Sum Wave – via Epidemic Sound

“Counting The Hours”  Tomas Skyldeberg – via Epidemic Sound


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I’m available in New York City, New Jersey, Boston & Worldwide!


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