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Welcome to part 4 where I’ll review the Boeing Museum of Flight, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour and I’ll tell you where one of the best spots for night photography in Seattle is. Oh and if you’re on a mobile device – now would be a good time to turn on your wifi!


Our first stop was to the Boeing Museum of Flight and I was super excited about this one! In an alternate universe I’m sure I’m a pilot as I find flying exhilarating. 

And the museum did not disappoint as it was simply breath taking. I know I’ve said “breath taking” a few times while writing about Seattle – but (spoiler alert) I really love it there.

They had seemingly everything in this museum. The Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird, a real space shuttle, Boeings, fighter jets and WW2 planes to name a few.

Aside from planes – I guess you can say I have a thing for domes. It took a few minutes for us to wait until there were no people before I can get this shot…

And if your wondering – this bridge takes you to the space gallery, aviation pavilion and outdoor hanger!

And it should go without saying – but this place is massive!

Best of all you can go into many of these planes!


We then hopped on a bus and headed to Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. Now this was one of those things that I was excited for but I unfortunately found it a bit underwhelming.

The tour guides were great, and gave a lot of historical facts for nerds like me; but overall I wasn’t crazy about it. At least it wasn’t too expensive, I think 20 bucks.

Did you know that the original Seattle was built over due to a fire? So in other words, technically there’s an underground city!


A fellow Steemian suggested I check out Pioneer Train Station – so I did. I created 2 versions for your viewing pleasure. Do you prefer the light and airy version…


Or the more contrasty version?


Now as I mentioned in my previous post – sometimes you have to force yourself to get out and take pictures. And if you ask me – one of my favorite things to shoot is cities at night!

There are a million reasons why I prefer shooting at night and if you’d like to read about it, click on the image below…

So I headed out around 10pm pacific standard time which meant “real feel” circadian rhythm time was 1am. No matter how tired I am – I always get reinvigorated in the night.

I eyed this spot a few blocks away from the hotel and knew this would be a great spot to shoot at night. I’m not sure where it was – but if you really want to know contact me and I’ll look it up for you.

Told ya I have a thing for domes!

Next I wanted to shoot the Pike Place Public Market but on my way I found a few photo opportunities by the Paramount Theater.

paramount theater seattle amazing night photo

I’m not sure which I like better so I figured I share them both with you. And if you’re wondering what those light streaks are, they’re cars and buses.

Now for the next series of shots I must say it was one of the dirtiest shooting experiences I’ve ever had! Since Seattle is a big city, you’ll find rats roaming around at night, bird poop everywhere and some streets were being cleaned meaning all of that nastiness was being liquified (if that makes any sense).

And speaking of nastiness – can you guess what those dots on the wall are?

If you guessed gum you are correct! YUK

I kind of get itchy looking at these photos as I know what I went through to get these shots!


My research findings said I should head to Dr Rizal Park. But once again the trees got in the way of my photography. So I took a walk to find a better vantage point and walah! I’m glad I didn’t come up empty handed…

amazing seattle night photo long exposureamazing seattle night photo long exposure of highway

I’d be lying if I’d say I wasn’t on high alert. If you’ve seen any of my tutorial videos, you’ll notice that I’m always looking around while taking photos. And that’s because you always have to be aware of your surroundings.

And in this case I was by a busy road – alone – late at night.

But I made it out alive and I’m glad I was able to capture some amazing shots of Seattle at night!


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