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Stock photos can be great – especially when you need a professional picture of the Eiffel Tower and you live in New York City. But what happens when you need pictures for your business and stock photos just won’t do? Call Mikey Colon to shoot stock photo quality images!

The problem with stock photos is that it may not reflect your demographic. Have you ever seen a poster or a brochure and think to yourself there’s no way that person is a customer there? Or the location where the stock image was obviously not taken from that location.

For example – there’s a residential complex that went up in Revere Beach and the marketing images had to be taken somewhere tropical like Florida. Looking at the pictures it was abundantly clear that it wasn’t taken in Revere Beach.

The water at Revere Beach doesn’t look like this nor does the sand. I’ve walked my doggies a million times up and down the boardwalk and I’ve never seen someone like this sunbathing.

Nor have I ever seen someone surfing!

These image are clearly stock photos and the people in the images are models. There is a mismatch in the marketing images and it look unauthentic!

All that being said throughout this summer I’ve been commissioned to shoot stock quality images for the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. The goal was to shoot authentic images that reflect their patients / customers. So far we’ve shot every age from infants to seniors. 

This particular set of images was from the optical department. Although the sequence of images may seem similar there are subtle differences between each shot.

I’ll be sure to share more images from operation stock images in the near future (as soon as they are approved). But for now check these out and if you need a stock photographer in Boston or NYC – you know who to call!


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This post was written for @flamingirl Steemit “7 DAYS ? PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! ?”. If you’d like to participate in this portrait challenge, head over to: https://steemit.com/portrait-photocontest/@flamingirl/contest-50-sbd-7-days-portrait-photography-contest

And as per the submission requirements, here’s the proof that I took these images:

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