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What’s one of the first things as a business owner you should do when opening a new store? If you answered hiring a professional photographer – you are correct! Jon owner of The Vape Shop recently opened up a new location in Cleveland Circle in Brighton Massachusetts. He needed headshots of the staff and images of the new location so we can generate some buzz on social media and online.

Now I’m not sure how large the new location is, but it’s huge!

Once I took a few shots of the new location it was time to shoot some product and display shots.

Jon also has some cool looking art for the customers to gaze their eyes upon…

I always suggest any business (large, or small) to add photos of the staff. It builds trust and helps potential customers connect with the business on a human level – even before steeping foot in the store.

Now you may be wondering why I titled this post “The little engine – that could!”. And that’s because I’ve witnessed Jon grow and expand his business from a small shop in Oak Square to a ginormous one in Chestnut Hill. It makes me happy seeing small businesses flourish and expand. Plus it’s also great witnessing the small guys win!

The new location is open for business and if you’re ever in the need of vaping products the Vape Shop is the only place to go!

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